Kajiyama Takeshi

加治山 武

Kajiyama Takeshi
Kajiyama Takeshi加治山 武 
Body, Adult, Overweight
Personality, Cruel, Taciturn
Role, Teacher
Visual novelsSide character - Saint Estella Gakuin no Shichinin no Majo
Voiced byTakahashi Ikkyuu


The Classics teacher at St. Estella Academy.

Possesses a bear-like physique with a gruff demeanour. His lessons are held in complete silence because all he does is write on the blackboard without offering any explanation or setting questions to the class.

<hidden by spoiler settings> He is in charge of the C-class building together with Numanaka. He is most frequently called upon to physically restrain uncooperative and unruly students with beatings. Like Numanaka he also helps with the disposal of the corpses Yanagi produces as a result of his experiments.

He has a fetish for anal sex with female students and frequently tires of victims after they no longer provide the enjoyment he demands. He also has a habit of murdering raped students when he is overly excited, leading to more corpses for him and Numanaka to dispose of and frequently earning a chiding from the latter to fix this bad habit.