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Cyrus Tistella


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Cyrus Tistellaキルス・ティステラ
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm
HairBlunt Bangs, Pink, Sidehair, Waist Length+
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBelt, Capelet, Cuffs, Leggings, Necktie, Shirt, Tailcoat, Thigh-high Boots, Uniform
PersonalityAltruistic, Brave, Cautious, Confident, Donkan, Hardworker, Honorable, Hotblooded, Idealist, Kind, Loyal, Proactive, Protective, Serious, Strange
RoleBetrothed, Coworker, Daughter, Nameable, Noble, Orphan, Police, Teammate
Engages inConfinement, Duel, Fighting
Subject ofDiscrimination, Forced Marriage
Visual novelsProtagonist - Steam Prison


Character theme: Justice

Born and raised in The Heavens. As a low-ranked police officer, she protects the people of her country. She has a commanding air and a very serious personality, always working hard to enforce justice. This strong sense of justice she has often causes her to conflict with those around her. Becomes assigned to work in The Earth as part of her mission.

"I am someone who will abide by the law and enforce justice. I cannot overlook your crimes."

[From Rie's Otoge Blog]