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Okubo Toshimichi


Okubo Toshimichi大久保利逋
MeasurementsHeight: 177cm
Birthday26 September
HairBlack, Parted to Side, Short
EyesBrown, Hosome
ClothesCoat Cape, Dress Shoes, Hakama, Necktie
PersonalityBookworm, Reserved, Taciturn
Engages inReading
Visual novelsMain character - Ikemen Bakumatsu ◆ Unmei no Koi
Voiced byHorie Shun


A calm, cool, and collected warrior from Satsuma. He likes books, no matter where they come from, and always carries one with him. He stands by a principle of never carrying a sword, and lets Katsura handle anything dangerous. He's never been interested in anything other than books until he met the protagonist.

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