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c50516.132019-11-02 at 10:43multiAmakawa YuuAutomatic extraction of age from the description.
c50516.122018-10-14 at 18:09[deleted]Amakawa YuuIt fits better in my opinion, I will also submit one for the heroine, Chiharu.
c50516.112018-03-26 at 22:28dx5536Amakawa Yuuadd trait
c50516.102018-03-26 at 21:57dx5536Amakawa Yuufix grammar
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c50516.52017-08-04 at 21:07shinnewAmakawa YuuImage.
c50516.42016-07-31 at 00:36jazz957Amakawa Yuutrait
c50516.32016-07-31 at 00:27jazz957Amakawa Yuutrait
c50516.22016-07-31 at 00:26jazz957Amakawa Yuutraits
c50516.12016-07-30 at 23:04jazz957Amakawa Yuuadd. i can't get a proper image of him. and i suck at cropping it out of an existing one