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Amana Chiyuri

天菜 ちゆり

Amana Chiyuri天菜 ちゆりB
MeasurementsHeight: 144cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 70-50-71cm, B cup
Birthday4 May
HairBlond, Eye Covering, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
BodyKid, Short
ClothesBallerina Shoes, Body Ribbon, Choker, Corset, Dress, Evening Gloves, Knee-high Socks, Maid's Headdress
ItemsStuffed Toy
RoleHigh School Student, Princess, School Extraordinary Club Member
Visual novelsMain character - Himekoi * Sucreine!
Voiced byHayase Yayoi


President of Occult Club. Often making a scene and surprising her surroundings. She is accompanied by a stuffed rabbit named Marguerite (まるぐりっと).