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c51034.372021-02-23 at 11:17mrkewKousaka HarukaRemoving handjob, adult breast feeding - they are covered by child traits. These traits themselves don't happen without their child traits
c51034.362020-12-30 at 13:48thymeKousaka HarukaVN +1. link
c51034.352020-09-10 at 10:00reichuKousaka Harukashe has minor screen time in this first episode
c51034.342020-09-05 at 13:33pipoon21Kousaka Harukatraits
c51034.332020-09-04 at 09:51canicheslayerKousaka Haruka+2
c51034.322020-05-04 at 18:10naiohorasKousaka Haruka+1
c51034.312020-05-02 at 18:40naiohorasKousaka Harukatraits
c51034.302020-04-29 at 20:44diabloryuzakiKousaka Haruka..
c51034.292019-12-13 at 11:07sakuhanachanKousaka Haruka..
c51034.282019-09-18 at 10:54kurosakijinKousaka HarukaI'm not the person who put that spoiler. I only fixed the grammar the person who putted that there, also stop judging a person who sucks at using
c51034.272019-09-17 at 19:17beliarKousaka HarukaIs she a futanari? If not, then those traits were incorrect. If you want to add spoilers to the character description that are longer than one or two
c51034.262019-09-17 at 14:01kurosakijinKousaka Harukathat sudden announcement of f***
c51034.252019-09-03 at 04:05kurosakijinKousaka HarukaUwU
c51034.242019-09-03 at 03:04diabloryuzakiKousaka Haruka...
c51034.232019-09-03 at 01:48kurosakijinKousaka Haruka..
c51034.222019-09-03 at 01:48kurosakijinKousaka HarukaUwU
c51034.212019-09-03 at 01:47kurosakijinKousaka HarukaI forgot the one trait to add.
c51034.202019-09-03 at 00:49kurosakijinKousaka Haruka(*´ω`)
c51034.192019-04-27 at 21:28diabloryuzakiKousaka Haruka+1
c51034.182019-04-27 at 20:32diabloryuzakiKousaka Haruka+4 and eden true ability
c51034.172019-03-30 at 14:44yagahtKousaka Harukawell, maybe not...
c51034.162019-03-30 at 14:40yagahtKousaka HarukaWell, in vn she says: when she trying to escape from reality, or in a hard situation, second personality comes out. This personality have reverse
c51034.152019-02-05 at 11:57molesterKousaka Harukadecsription added
c51034.142018-08-10 at 01:12sakuhanachanKousaka Haruka..
c51034.132018-05-01 at 22:07diabloryuzakiKousaka Harukanew trait
c51034.122018-04-30 at 06:48thewayfarerKousaka Haruka"Hobbies"
c51034.112018-04-30 at 06:44thewayfarerKousaka HarukaMaybe not a "cardigan."
c51034.102018-04-30 at 06:43thewayfarerKousaka HarukaTraits based on current image (One of them is 'close enough')
c51034.92018-04-29 at 06:05sakuhanachanKousaka Haruka..
c51034.82017-12-20 at 15:48707Kousaka Haruka..
c51034.72017-04-03 at 14:34traumatizerKousaka Harukadesc
c51034.62017-04-03 at 14:16traumatizerKousaka Harukagrammar
c51034.52017-03-11 at 20:41yumemi-kunKousaka Harukatraits
c51034.42017-02-21 at 19:59thewayfarerKousaka HarukaHair trait
c51034.32016-09-24 at 08:17aurora09Kousaka Harukatraits
c51034.22016-09-11 at 10:47aurora09Kousaka Harukaimage
c51034.12016-08-12 at 12:04hnnynKousaka Haruka..