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Amamiya Kakeru

雨宮 翔

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Amamiya Kakeru雨宮 翔
MeasurementsHeight: 176cm
Birthday21 October
HairBlond, Spiky
PersonalityBlunt, Eccentric, Funny, Smart
RoleCoder, Friend, Honor Student
Visual novelsMain character - Memory's Dogma Code:01
Voiced byHorie Shun


Childhood friends with Kusuhara and Sorano. Rather eccentric and likes to crack jokes all the time, but has an extensive knowledge of programming that can even put professionals shame. He also has quite the handsome face, so he grabs the attention of women all around him. However, he himself doesn't seem to care.

He teams up with Kusuhara to solve the mystery behind Sorano's memories, using his pride and joy——an old-style PC.