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Spirit Akira

Show sexual traits

Spirit Akira
Engages inPossession
Visual novelsMain character - Critical Hit


Age - ???

After the Game Master messes up some stat numbers while creating Akira, this so-called "spirit" of an older version of Akira is accidentally created. He follows Akira everywhere, and he can hear the Game Master’s commands, but he cannot be heard by either of them. As a result, he has become a rather cynical individual.

He is able to take over Akira’s body during certain events, and happens to really enjoy sex. But this masochistic spirit has Akira’s well-being in mind, or so he thinks...

[From MangaGamer]

Other instances

Akira Tourell
HairShort, White
BodyTeen, Trap
Engages inCross-dressing
Subject ofPossession
Visual novelsProtagonist - Critical Hit


Age - 18

Our adventure’s protagonist. He (or she?) is the curious type, always had good grades at school, and was often spoiled by his parents. His mom and dad were adventurers back in the day, and they’ve written a handful of books about monsters. As a result, Akira’s book-smart, but definitely not street-smart.

Akira has had a tendency to wear girly clothes and play with dolls ever since he was little. His favorite doll is his Princess Pony, and, incidentally, his favorite color is purple.

[From MangaGamer]