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AliasesSir Palamedes, Palamede, Palomides
HairBraid, Braided Bun, Long, No Bangs, Parted in Middle, White
EyesBlue, Tsurime
BodyBindi (Mark), Dark, Medium Breasts, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Crop Top, Cross Design, Gloves, Hair Ribbon, Half-Skirt, Necklace, Plate Armor, Thigh-high Stockings
PersonalityCoward, Curious, Relaxed, Stoic
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, British, Knight, Wife
Visual novelsMain character - Eiyuu*Senki
Main character - Eiyuu*Senki GOLD
Voiced byYukimura Toa


Based on Palamedes, who is a Knight of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend. He is a Saracen pagan who converts to Christianity later in his life, and his unrequited love for Iseult brings him into frequent conflict with Tristan.