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c52200.132021-05-18 at 17:01historyeraserAkimura JintaI am the ultimate trait adder!!
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c52200.72017-12-18 at 01:28anonymousAkimura JintaFirst NTR Ero Scene.
c52200.62017-12-17 at 18:25anonymousAkimura JintaAdded minor traits.
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c52200.32017-05-14 at 15:42skorpiondeathAkimura Jintatraits, larger picture
c52200.22016-09-17 at 02:01prosekAkimura Jintamo
c52200.12016-09-17 at 01:58prosekAkimura Jintaあきむら じんた per link the English DLsite screwed it up so I'll just alias Akiyama since they may have popularized it