Etoiles Terre


Etoiles Terre
Etoiles Terreエトワール・テーレー 
Hair, Brown, Shaggy, Short
Eyes, Amber, Tsurime
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Boots, Capelet, Cufflink, Decorative Belt, Glasses, Shirt, Trousers, Watch
Items, Book
Personality, Hardworker, Hotblooded, Serious, Smart
Role, Childhood Friend, Lawyer, Orphan, Son
Visual novelsProtagonist - Hoshi Furu Yoru no Farnese


20 years old. Has lost his mother in the past because of a "star hunting". From the experience of being a son of a "witch", he wished to eliminate "star hunting" due to death of his mother, so he became a lawyer of Astrologers.