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c5265.272019-07-11 at 20:29geddanofAlma Elmaminor personality
c5265.262019-05-28 at 04:49geddanofAlma Elmaminor engage in
c5265.252019-05-28 at 04:45geddanofAlma Elmaminor personality
c5265.242019-05-28 at 04:38geddanofAlma Elmaminor personality
c5265.232019-05-28 at 04:21geddanofAlma Elmaspoiler edit
c5265.222019-05-28 at 04:20geddanofAlma ElmaReverted to revision c5265.20
c5265.212019-05-28 at 04:08geddanofAlma Elmaminor role
c5265.202019-05-28 at 04:03geddanofAlma Elmaminor role
c5265.192019-02-24 at 05:50geddanofAlma Elmaminor role
c5265.182019-02-24 at 05:49geddanofAlma Elmaminor engage in
c5265.172018-10-19 at 12:30geddanofAlma ElmaShuushou role
c5265.162015-11-01 at 22:55stormwyrmAlma Elmabat wings
c5265.152015-06-15 at 16:45skorpiondeathAlma Elmareplacing monster with the new monster girl trait
c5265.142015-04-15 at 17:25traumatizerAlma Elmadesc
c5265.132015-01-21 at 07:07multiAlma ElmaRemoving deleted traits.
c5265.122013-12-15 at 14:46hoegaarden13Alma Elmaupdate
c5265.112013-12-15 at 14:46hoegaarden13Alma Elmaupdate
c5265.102013-11-17 at 17:52takataAlma Elmaseiyuu info from link, link
c5265.92013-07-27 at 17:27takataAlma Elmatraits
c5265.82013-02-14 at 22:21overmageAlma Elmamy mistake, changed to rape attempt "This trait should also be used on characters that the games give the option to not to proceed with the rape."
c5265.72013-02-14 at 22:20overmageAlma Elmaobvious. no spoiler since it's the theme of the game
c5265.62013-02-14 at 22:13overmageAlma Elmabwebs
c5265.52012-10-29 at 07:47takataAlma ElmaRemoved minor spoiler
c5265.42012-10-29 at 06:28immlffAlma Elmaname swap, see t3336.7 and t3336.10 also removed alias that wasn't all that useful
c5265.32012-04-18 at 03:07timentimeagnArumaerumaJapanese Name Added
c5265.22012-04-17 at 02:22timentimeagnArumaerumaadded description
c5265.12012-04-17 at 02:19timentimeagnArumaerumaAdded 2/4 of the Heavenly knights supporting characters. Will add small edits to be more exact, later on