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Hair / Orange (no spoiler)
Eyes / Green (no spoiler)
Body / Fang (no spoiler)
Clothes / Baby-doll (no spoiler)
Clothes / Bandanna (no spoiler)
Clothes / Maid's Dress (no spoiler)
Clothes / Maid's Headdress (no spoiler)
Clothes / Naked Apron (minor spoiler)
Clothes / Pendant Necklace (no spoiler)
Personality / Deredere (no spoiler)
Personality / Friendly (no spoiler)
Personality / Ignorant (no spoiler)
Personality / Immature (no spoiler)
Personality / Kind (no spoiler)
Role / Thief (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Blowjob (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Outdoor Sex (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Sixty-nine (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Anal Sex (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Cowgirl (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Cunnilingus (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Doggy Style (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Missionary (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Sitting Sex (no spoiler)

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Coreo Agate


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Coreo Agateコーリオ・アゲイト
ClothesBaby-doll, Bandanna, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Pendant Necklace
PersonalityDeredere, Friendly, Ignorant, Immature, Kind
Visual novelsMain character - Ou no Mimi ni wa Todokanai!
Voiced byMomoi Ichigo