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Cordoba Burn


Cordoba Burn
Cordoba Burnコルドバ・バーン
AliasesBlue Wall of Leazas
MeasurementsHeight: 206cm, Weight: 188kg
HairPink, Short
BodyAdult, Muscular, Pale, Tall
ClothesGloves, Plate Armor
ItemsMusical Instrument, Sword
PersonalityFriendly, Hotblooded, Kind, Loud, Loyal, Mature
RoleCommander, Harminist, Husband, Knight
Engages inFighting
Subject ofBullying
Visual novelsSide character - Kichikuou Rance


Level/Level Cap: 30/44
Skill Level(s): Sword Combat LV1

General of Leazas' Blue Army, the nation's primary defensive unit and border guard.

A giant of a man, his abilities as a guard are unrivaled, earning him the nickname "The Blue Wall of Leazas". He is incredibly passionate and devoted to his work, and remains loyal to his country no matter the circumstances.

He is married to a young woman named Fururu who is close to twenty years his junior. While the two have been married for some time, their relationship remains chaste due to Cordoba's desire to wait until she turns twenty to consummate it. Despite their large age gap, few people question the validity of their relationship, with many calling them the perfect couple. Rance, however, sees their relationship as a crime against humanity and harbors a great deal of resentment towards Cordoba as a result.