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c5318.202015-12-31 at 17:05traumatizerKousaka Tamaki+1
c5318.192015-10-08 at 17:05traumatizerKousaka Tamaki+1
c5318.182015-08-14 at 17:15ferustachiKousaka TamakiSasara's route.
c5318.172015-08-10 at 21:10himitsukouKousaka TamakiNope. While she does like to use the power of intimidation on others, most notably her brother, that doesn't make her selfish. She's just what she is
c5318.162015-07-26 at 13:40logros13Kousaka Tamakitrait added
c5318.152015-07-11 at 10:16traumatizerKousaka Tamaki+5
c5318.142015-06-11 at 17:44neroxenKousaka TamakiIt's a small part of her that is talked about in the game/story
c5318.132015-04-14 at 02:57teravitaKousaka TamakiUpdate
c5318.122015-04-12 at 13:55teravitaKousaka TamakiUpdate
c5318.112015-01-21 at 07:07multiKousaka TamakiRemoving deleted traits.
c5318.102014-08-29 at 20:41ferustachiKousaka TamakiAdded "Anal Sex"
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c5318.82013-11-12 at 05:50binfujiwaraKousaka Tamakisummary
c5318.72013-11-07 at 15:30binfujiwaraKousaka Tamakirole
c5318.62013-11-07 at 11:08binfujiwaraKousaka Tamakirole
c5318.52013-11-07 at 11:01binfujiwaraKousaka Tamakisummary
c5318.42013-11-07 at 10:54binfujiwaraKousaka Tamakiimage
c5318.32013-11-07 at 10:51binfujiwaraKousaka Tamakiimage, traits
c5318.22013-05-18 at 21:30himitsukouKousaka TamakiAdded traits.
c5318.12012-04-26 at 09:41sophronimosKousaka TamakiAdded character.