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Buffalo Seer

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Buffalo Seer
ClothesCloak, Earrings, Hood, Mask
PersonalityDeredere, Non-Binary, Reserved
RoleBetrothed, Gender Choice, Precog
Engages inMarriage Proposal
Subject ofExile, Turndown
Visual novelsProtagonist - A Foretold Affair


Buffalo Seer is a driven, goal oriented individual. For most of their life their goal was to use their ability at least once. After that was achieved there was no plan, Seer simply expected to be satisfied with life. However, upon seeing what the future holds Seer immediately created a new goal, finding their future spouse. But then after finding them Seer decided they’d have to get married before they could be fully content. Once that inevitably occurs, who knows?

Within the group Seer is generally considered a liability, but not for lack of ability. Because Seer dresses in such an attention drawing way and sides with their future spouse in nearly every situation regardless of whether it is a good idea or not, Seer doesn’t often make the trip easier.

Seer has an odd habit of phrasing things in unnecessarily suspicious ways, that coupled with the way they dress causes them to come across as creepy within Normal society. Seer doesn’t seem to mind.

[From Lemma Soft Forums]