Hair, Blond
Eyes, Grey
Body, Scar, Unnatural Skin Tone
Clothes, Bracer, Hat, Scarf
Personality, Blunt, Grumbler, Non-Binary
Role, Betrothed, Police
Engages in, Driving, Infiltration
Subject of, Marriage Proposal
Visual novelsMain character - A Foretold Affair
Voiced byLily Chen


[Pronounced ‘KAY’]

Kea is a police officer who recently transferred to the capital of Vespen in order to work undercover. The job requires an officer to infiltrate a street gang that mainly recruits young teens off the street, hence the outfit they’ve got on. Kea was requested specifically due to their youthful stature and fitting personality, since in informal situations Kea is chatty, fast-talking, and can easily come across as rude or uncultured. While on the job Kea speaks and behaves (somewhat) more seriously.

They are the reluctant leader of the ill-fated adventure. The responsibility of managing others is brand new to Kea and they tend to come across as more of a worrywart and sort of a nag than a boss.

Despite technically being in charge, they are the black sheep of the group. While everyone else is perfectly comfortable bending or even out right breaking the law Kea is, naturally, not so keen on that. But, no matter how often Kea intentionally or accidentally isolates themselves from the others and how much they cause disagreements, they don’t actually want it to be that way. They’d like to get along with the team and have a positive impact on situations, it just seems impossible because of their position.

Kea’s skin tone is rather unusual. Skin colors are meant to be brown or tan with varying amounts grayness mixed in. Kea’s distinctly gray coloring only occurs from a certain type of skin pigment disorder. However, it’s not a terribly rare disorder and there are no negative health effects from having it so Kea doesn’t mind.

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