Hair, Black, Braid, Long, Ponytail
Eyes, Black, Hosome
Body, Dark
Clothes, Brooch, Gloves, Monocle, Vest
Items, Binoculars
Personality, Deredere, Refined
Role, Betrothed, Noble, Wealthy
Subject of, Kidnapping, Marriage Proposal
Visual novelsMain character - A Foretold Affair
Voiced byOakesy (Andrew Oakes)


January is a man of massive importance and wealth in the region of Vespen, though only due to inheriting it. He has been the Duke of a significant family ever since his mother passed away a few years prior. That title is no longer bestowed and every other house in Vespen that had the title at one point has had the lineage die out. With an heirless only child as a Duke, January’s family is currently one step away from joining those other houses in being stripped of their clout. The weight of being the last true noble in the region has not been lost on January.

January lives on the surface and has only recently started making appearances on the land fractions. He is noticeably awkward in casual settings as he generally only has experience dealing with people in a business sense.

The entire point of the trip is escorting January to a safe house, so in that sense he is an important member of the team. But only in that sense. January isn’t allowed to do anything, much to his frustration. Because of his sheltered upbringing January has spent his entire life having people assume he’s useless or an easy target. It is unclear if the group thinks the same way or if they are simply overprotective.

Upon first meeting January he comes across as rather skittish. After Seer shows him his future he resolves to change the way he lives his life. From then on he begins to act more indignant and reckless. He is going to be a contributing member of the team, whether the rest of the group wants him to or not.

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