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Hachizawa An and Mei

捌沢 暗 & 明

Hachizawa An and Mei捌沢 暗 & 明
PersonalityLazy, Serious
RoleStudent Club Member, Twin Brother, Twin Sister
Visual novelsSide character - Suuran Digit
Voiced byAmasaki Kouhei (Hachikawa An)
Uchiyama Yumi (Hachizawa Mei)


8: The number which possesses contrasting intentions.

‘Why don’t you give up on swinging that sword around, and spend a more meaningful after school with me.~’

High school 3rd year student.
Never serious, and constantly playing around with girls. Mei’s older twin brother. He speaks his mind and sometimes fails to read the atmosphere, and is constantly scolded by Mitsu or Mei as a result.

Even though he’s a member of the Suu-ken, he rarely shows up.

‘I’m not like my stupid older brother. I’ll put in effort in order to win.’

High school 3rd year student.
Very serious and strict personality. An’s younger twin sister. She doesn’t understand jokes, and takes everything seriously. She is constantly berating her brother for being pathetic.

A member of the Suu-ken, unlike her brother, she makes sure to attend all meetings.

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