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c5375.72018-10-16 at 14:08gaazHimika SumeragiTraits
c5375.62016-03-16 at 12:44wakaranaiHimika SumeragiReverted to image w/o watermark. also, d12#4, "Screenshots of the in-game sprites (tachi-e) are preferred, including any background art"
c5375.52016-03-16 at 01:48weilaiHimika Sumeragi..
c5375.42015-01-21 at 07:07multiHimika SumeragiRemoving deleted traits.
c5375.32012-11-30 at 00:24rjmacxHimika SumeragiTrait
c5375.22012-11-23 at 17:41rjmacxHimika SumeragiTrait
c5375.12012-05-03 at 12:45kenhimeHimika SumeragiNew character