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Fukami Souta

深水 颯大

Fukami Souta
Fukami Souta深水 颯大 O
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm
Birthday17 April
Hair, Green, Short, Spiky
Eyes, Cyan, Green
Body, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim
Clothes, Necktie, School Uniform, Sports Visor, Vest
Personality, Cheerful, Friendly, Kind, Sweets Lover
Role, High School Student, Popular
Visual novelsMain character - Otometeki Koi Kakumei★Love Revo!!
Voiced bySuganuma Hisayoshi


Souta is a year younger than the protagonist, he is one of the only guys that treat you nicely in the beginning of the game. He loves sweets and often invites the character to have some with him at night. He participates in the festival play with the player as the main character and he becomes rather fond of the character, even if she does not show affection to him, often saying things like "If you don't like something about me, tell me, 'cause I'll change it". You can meet him at the sports center on random days.

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