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Sakuragawa Takashi

桜川 鷹士

Sakuragawa Takashi
Sakuragawa Takashi桜川 鷹士 O
MeasurementsHeight: 187cm
Birthday9 August
Hair, Brown, Intake, Multicolored, Orange, Parted to Side, Red, Short, Spiky
Eyes, Hosome, Red
Body, Pale, Tall, Young-adult
Personality, Hotblooded, Loyal, Possessive, Siscon
Role, Full Brother, Older Brother
Visual novelsMain character - Otometeki Koi Kakumei★Love Revo!!
Voiced byHirakawa Daisuke


The main character's brother. He supports the main character through her diet and also makes monthly charts that show how "in love" the various candidates are with her. He is quite hot-headed, gets jealous easily, very protective and has an obvious sister complex. He also gives you a monthly allowance of 5000 yen.

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