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c5402.302018-05-14 at 00:58canicheslayerHase SaekoERRATUM (forgot spoiler)
c5402.292018-05-14 at 00:57canicheslayerHase Saeko+1 (Maki's route SPOILER)
c5402.282018-05-03 at 17:21canicheslayerHase SaekoShe's a former bully...and today her behavior remains...questionable (Hiroshi).
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c5402.222017-12-30 at 18:53dk382Hase SaekoHer route is a very short bonus route. That probably shouldn't elevate her to main character status.
c5402.212017-05-07 at 03:18krykryHase SaekoShe has a route in Jun'ai road.
c5402.202017-01-23 at 19:22traumatizerHase Saekopronoun
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c5402.132014-10-14 at 09:58realitymakerHase SaekoHiroshi and Saeko are not blood related, but they were adopted by the Hase family.
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