Ayanokouji Cynthia

綾小路 シンシア

Ayanokouji Cynthia
Ayanokouji Cynthia綾小路 シンシア 
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 86-62-90cm
Hair, Blond, Long
Eyes, Garnet
Body, Pointed Ears
Clothes, School Uniform
Items, Bow, Sword
Personality, Childishly Violent, Idiot, Kansai-ben, Pretending
Role, Half-Japanese
Engages in, Cosplay
Engages in (Sexual), Boobjob
Subject of (Sexual), Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Missionary
Visual novelsMain character - Akibako ~"Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen" Fandisk~
Main character - Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen
Voiced byMorinaga Masaya


A strange half-Finn half-Japanese girl with a Kansai accent who insists that she is an elf. Will shoot anyone who disagrees with her with an arrow. Lives in a treehouse behind the school and claims to have magical powers.