Hinata Souichirou

日向 宗一郎

Hinata Souichirou
Hinata Souichirou日向 宗一郎 
Role, Father, Husband, Medical Doctor, Researcher
Engages in, Alcohol Abuse, Drinking, Genetic Research, Mass Murder, Suicide, Supernatural Cloning
Subject of, Death
Visual novelsSide character - Himawari
Voiced byEbara Masashi


Youichi's biological father. Adopts Aoi shortly after the birth of his son. Has a strong resolve in the preservation of humanity, spending the entirety of his life's research on finding the means to do so <hidden by spoiler settings>, even going as far as killing over 500 people in order to prevent the Lunar Virus from spreading. Cares greatly for his family and pertains a slight alcohol problem.