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HairLong, Violet
BodyHorns, Muscular, Pointed Ears, Tail, Unnatural Skin Tone, Wings
PersonalityBrave, Confident, Honest, Loyal, Refined, Relaxed, Smart, Watashi
RoleDemon, Father, Older Brother
Engages inFighting
Visual novelsSide character - Makai Shin Trillion
Voiced bySakai Koudai (Japanese)


Zeabolos’ older brother, and father to Ruche and Perpell.

An Overlord who holds the Crest of Gloom, in charge of guarding the Great Overlord’s castle with Cerberus. He’s rightfully earned the respect of the Fallen Ones as a brave veteran with both wisdom and courage. He was the first to venture forth with an army when Trillion appeared, but...