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Kisaragi Kurenai

如月 紅

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Kisaragi Kurenai如月 紅
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm, Weight: 68kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 75-42-60cm
Birthday15 August
HairBlack, Brown, Waist Length+
BodyPale, Slim, Small Breast Sizes, Teen
ClothesArm Warmers, Boots, Furisode, Gloves, Loafers, Sailor School Uniform, Skirt, Stockings, Tabi, Turtleneck Shirt, Zouri
PersonalityMysterious, Relaxed, Secretive, Stoic, Watashi
RoleLiving Doll
Visual novelsMain character - Tsukikage no Simulacre
Voiced byHaruno Iroha


The "living doll" of the Kisaragi Family, handed down in it through past generations. In the story, she appears on the night when the ceremony is being held, and deludes Seiichi with her words. It is not known whether she poses a danger to people, what with the mysteries surrounding her. Always calm and collected. Is it Rei whose appearance she has taken on, or is it...