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c560.312019-04-25 at 16:02batooKuranaga Kozue+1
c560.302017-07-21 at 05:29xg70dKuranaga Kozueadded traits, sexual traits not visually identifiable but is confirmed via text. not really convinced that she qualifies as a dandere, since she is
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c560.212014-09-19 at 23:32chibilover09Kuranaga KozueAdded more traits and removed the "Club President" trait.
c560.202014-09-17 at 03:23ferustachiKuranaga KozueOne last try. I think I got it. Added Friend.
c560.192014-09-17 at 03:19ferustachiKuranaga KozueAccidentally erased too much, will give up at this point. Added Class President (alias for it is Class Representative)
c560.182014-09-17 at 03:18ferustachiKuranaga KozueSecond attempt at correcting link (I will give up if this fails.) Also made some minor corrections to spelling.
c560.172014-09-17 at 03:12ferustachiKuranaga KozueAttempt to fix the link. Will see if it worked.
c560.162014-07-13 at 18:43chibilover09Kuranaga KozueAdded aliases.
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c560.92014-06-08 at 18:08chibilover09Kuranaga KozueCorrected description
c560.82014-04-25 at 23:42chibilover09Kuranaga KozueDandere
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c560.62013-12-14 at 21:43chibilover09Kuranaga Kozuea
c560.52013-12-12 at 17:22chibilover09Kuranaga Kozue...
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c560.32013-12-12 at 17:15chibilover09Kuranaga KozueMORE CUTE PHOTO
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