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c568.542018-10-13 at 08:31traumatizerSuou Amane+1
c568.532018-09-15 at 20:31traumatizerSuou Amanedesc, removed traits
c568.522018-09-14 at 17:10snuSuou Amanetraits
c568.512018-05-26 at 15:10beliarSuou Amanetrait change
c568.502018-05-22 at 18:35traumatizerSuou Amaneshe makes a big deal out of it
c568.492017-08-17 at 21:20galtosk1Suou AmaneImg
c568.482017-02-05 at 21:52siegfried88Suou Amaneupdated
c568.472016-10-09 at 15:17traumatizerSuou Amane+1 spoiler
c568.462016-08-20 at 13:54traumatizerSuou Amaneremoving the deleted trait
c568.452016-08-19 at 03:40jazz957Suou Amanealiases
c568.442016-08-19 at 03:40jazz957Suou Amanealias
c568.432016-06-15 at 07:30k-animeSuou AmaneAdded traits
c568.422016-06-02 at 07:26traumatizerSuou Amane+1
c568.412016-04-17 at 05:45traumatizerSuou Amane+3
c568.402016-01-24 at 08:24armonySuou Amanetrait
c568.392016-01-08 at 09:42varioSuou Amane+1 vn
c568.382015-12-20 at 21:55traumatizerSuou Amane+1
c568.372015-12-12 at 14:34lmtuan98Suou Amaneremove vn
c568.362015-11-22 at 13:00traumatizerSuou Amane+2
c568.352015-11-02 at 14:17traumatizerSuou Amaneit's probably a stretch, but kazuki made amane go in "debt" for her for worrying too much whether she actually broke her arm or not. or at least that
c568.342015-11-02 at 12:55traumatizerSuou Amane+2
c568.332015-10-25 at 13:59traumatizerSuou Amane+2
c568.322015-08-30 at 17:46traumatizerSuou Amanefix
c568.312015-08-22 at 14:47traumatizerSuou Amanealso, changed "tall" to "average height". ama-nee is tall, however, i consider women over 172 cm worthy of the "tall" trait.
c568.302015-08-22 at 14:46traumatizerSuou Amane+3
c568.292015-06-28 at 21:40traumatizerSuou Amaneaddin
c568.282015-05-18 at 15:43traumatizerSuou Amanegrammar
c568.272015-04-17 at 13:20traumatizerSuou Amanesex traits
c568.262015-03-27 at 06:30wakaranaiSuou Amaneher usual talk patterns don't resemble kansai-ben even remotely. and her dropping one phrase to tease Yuuji doesn't deserve a trait.
c568.252015-03-02 at 19:45traumatizerSuou Amanetraits
c568.242015-01-21 at 07:07multiSuou AmaneRemoving deleted traits.
c568.232014-12-09 at 09:18bakaakiSuou Amaneadd traits
c568.222014-11-23 at 12:15ferustachiSuou AmaneShe was diagnosed with Schizophrenia after all.
c568.212014-11-13 at 13:53traumatizerSuou Amanelittle edits
c568.202014-11-12 at 00:40ferustachiSuou AmaneUpdated traits (reference her route near ending for both of the additions. Changed baseball to no spoiler since that it is done at one time fairly
c568.192014-11-05 at 06:51ferustachiSuou AmaneUpdated traits (sports club member refers to her back story).
c568.182014-10-30 at 13:22traumatizerSuou Amanesmall edits
c568.172014-10-07 at 08:29siegfried88Suou Amaneupdated trait
c568.162014-10-04 at 13:02traumatizerSuou Amanecouple traits added
c568.152014-09-11 at 06:20earthwormSuou Amanetrait
c568.142014-07-15 at 13:07senshiSuou Amaneupdate char
c568.132014-07-15 at 13:02senshiSuou Amaneadd release
c568.122014-07-02 at 21:50xvideogamerxSuou Amane.
c568.112014-07-01 at 05:12xvideogamerxSuou Amane.
c568.102014-06-26 at 14:49overmageSuou Amanesexual traits aren't spoilers except in special cases. none exist here to justify the spoilering (it's obvious they are virgins and that they will
c568.92014-06-26 at 13:01[deleted]Suou Amane...
c568.82014-04-18 at 15:11mdc321Suou Amaneupdated
c568.72013-05-26 at 05:44earthwormSuou Amanetrait
c568.62012-12-06 at 17:55earthwormSuou Amanetraits
c568.52012-09-02 at 16:56binfujiwaraSuou Amaneimage and traits