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Maya Cordelia


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Maya Cordeliaマヤ・コーデリア
HairLong, Orange, Sidehair, V Bangs
BodyBig Ass, Medium Breasts, Visible Nipples, Young-adult
ClothesAnkle Boots, Bodystocking, Bracer, Cloak, Crown, Gloves, Micro Bikini, Miniskirt, Pantyhose
Visual novelsMain character - Kangoku Senkan 2 ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~
Makes an appearance - Kangoku Senkan 3 ~Nessa no Sennou Kouro~
Main character - Lilith-Izm06 ~Digi Anime with Lily & Lilia Gaiden~
Voiced byHimuro Yuri
Himuro Yuri


Daughter of the former Archduke of Cordelia, as her fathers only child, she will become the new leader one day.
Like Alicia, she is popular among her subjects. Protected by Alicia, she learns less about the empire then her cousin does.
A genius and hard-worker, Alicia is dependent on her in the future.
Due to being spoiled by Alicia, she seems to be naive, and lacks the general knowledge of the commoners.

She is sometimes compared to Alicia, but doesn't feel envious due to how kind Alicia is to her.
In fact, she tries her hardest to please her in order to be recognized as something to her idol.
A beautiful girl, thought not as much as Alicia, but nevertheless full of charisma, intelligence and youth.