Bridget Goodwin

บริดเจ็ท กู้ดวินท์

Bridget Goodwin
Bridget Goodwinบริดเจ็ท กู้ดวินท์ 
AliasesLittle Biddy
Hair, Grey
Eyes, Brown
Body, Old
Items, Smoking Pipe
Visual novelsMain character - The Falconers: Moonlight


Little Biddy is a hard-working, hard-talking lady. She’s never seen without her pipe and often with a half-empty bottle of Southern Sauce in her grubby hand. A create of the stuff gets delivered to her from the illegal Southern Sauce whisky still in Central Southland, once a month.
Despite her rough edges, Biddy has a sharp and incisive mind. She can work people out very quickly and has an uncanny knack for telling truth from lies.