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TraitsHair / Brown (no spoiler)
Hair / Waist Length+ (no spoiler)
Eyes / Brown (no spoiler)

Role / Teacher (no spoiler)

Hair / Red (no spoiler)
Hair / Waist Length+ (no spoiler)
Eyes / Violet (no spoiler)
Body / Big Breasts (no spoiler)
Body / Makeup (no spoiler)
Body / Pale (no spoiler)
Body / Young-adult (no spoiler)
Clothes / Blouse (no spoiler)
Clothes / Skirt (no spoiler)
Clothes / Vest (no spoiler)
Role / Teacher (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Blowjob (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Group Sex of Multiple Females and Males (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Rope Bondage (no spoiler)

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Itou Keiko

伊東 慶子

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