AliasesSeven, Mountain
Hair, Brown
Eyes, Sanpaku Eyes
Body, Adult, Scar
Clothes, Beanie, Overall, Shirt
Role, Detective
Subject of, Amnesia, Confinement, Kidnapping
Visual novelsSide character - Kyokugen Dasshutsu 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no Tobira
Voiced byEdward Bosco (Nonary Games version (English))
Miyake Kenta (Nonary Games version (Japanese))


A large, bumbling mountain of a man, his appearance and behavior hide an intelligent mind well-equipped for solving problems. His size gives him the strength to do certain functions that only he or Ace are able to do. His bracelet number is 7 and obviously, his codename is his bracelet number.

[From Zero Escape Wikia]