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c577.712018-09-15 at 20:33traumatizerIrisu Makinaspecific
c577.702018-05-26 at 15:04beliarIrisu MakinaReverted to revision c577.68 trait change
c577.692018-05-22 at 18:35traumatizerIrisu Makina...
c577.682018-01-01 at 02:38traumatizerIrisu Makinadaughter = ojousama
c577.672017-12-08 at 18:18traumatizerIrisu Makinatrait fix
c577.662017-08-17 at 21:17galtosk1Irisu MakinaImg + traits
c577.652017-06-21 at 22:12traumatizerIrisu Makinaalias spacing, "Irisu-san" isn't exactly an alias
c577.642017-06-21 at 13:4122144418Irisu MakinaRemoved an alias due to issues.
c577.632017-06-21 at 13:4022144418Irisu MakinaAliases
c577.622017-03-03 at 09:54multiIrisu MakinaRemoving deleted and unapproved traits.
c577.612017-02-01 at 22:58traumatizerIrisu Makinatraining sequence in her route in kajitsu
c577.602016-06-19 at 19:19traumatizerIrisu Makina+1
c577.592016-06-15 at 07:29k-animeIrisu MakinaBathroom
c577.582016-05-25 at 18:35traumatizerIrisu Makina+1
c577.572016-05-16 at 13:08traumatizerIrisu Makinasports -> athletics
c577.562016-04-20 at 16:48traumatizerIrisu Makina+1
c577.552016-03-28 at 21:21dreamysyuIrisu MakinaThey have different fathers
c577.542016-02-22 at 12:22velociraptorIrisu MakinaAdded father complex and brother complex as she calls Yuji both papa and oniichan.
c577.532016-01-08 at 09:44varioIrisu Makina+1 vn
c577.522015-12-12 at 14:09lmtuan98Irisu Makinaremove vn
c577.512015-12-12 at 12:16traumatizerIrisu Makinaquite the punmaker.
c577.502015-12-04 at 14:49traumatizerIrisu Makinano wait nope.
c577.492015-12-04 at 14:48traumatizerIrisu Makinain her route
c577.482015-11-02 at 15:51traumatizerIrisu Makina+1
c577.472015-11-02 at 11:18wakaranaiIrisu Makinatrait
c577.462015-08-23 at 23:29ferustachiIrisu MakinaHer at the end of Kajitsu.
c577.452015-08-22 at 14:48traumatizerIrisu Makina+1
c577.442015-08-21 at 15:18ferustachiIrisu MakinaWhen her hair isn't in twin-tails it is shoulder length.
c577.432015-07-25 at 19:05brunoaisIrisu Makina"Choker: =neck band?" I already knew that one... Eh... OK. "No panties: she didn't wear panties under her yukata once at the summer festival" Do we
c577.422015-07-25 at 08:36traumatizerIrisu MakinaToned down the "urination fetish" trait; it's not exactly a spoiler since it happens in her first h-scene.
c577.412015-07-25 at 07:43lmtuan98Irisu MakinaI tried to be flexible since the tags don't cover every possibility and the description can sometimes be inaccurate. Clothes tags: As I understand
c577.402015-07-24 at 21:34brunoaisIrisu MakinaNot a makeup wearer. Wearing on a single scene is not enough. She does wear panties. Not an apprentice. If you disagree, justify it. She is taught
c577.392015-07-13 at 10:15lmtuan98Irisu Makina.
c577.382015-07-09 at 00:50traumatizerIrisu Makina+1
c577.372015-06-28 at 21:42traumatizerIrisu Makinaaddin
c577.362015-05-18 at 15:49traumatizerIrisu Makinagrammar
c577.352015-04-23 at 14:13traumatizerIrisu Makinatraits
c577.342015-04-05 at 09:33canicheslayerIrisu MakinaAdd Alias
c577.332015-03-23 at 12:37brunoaisIrisu MakinaMakina shows no father complex on any part of the story. Whom she calls "papa" is not her father.
c577.322015-03-18 at 20:33traumatizerIrisu Makinatraits
c577.312015-03-08 at 21:10traumatizerIrisu Makina+3 traits i forgot
c577.302015-03-08 at 21:06traumatizerIrisu Makinatraits
c577.292015-02-11 at 20:20traumatizerIrisu Makinanickname
c577.282015-01-21 at 07:07multiIrisu MakinaRemoving deleted traits.
c577.272015-01-20 at 19:31wakaranaiIrisu Makinafixed wrong kanji
c577.262014-12-09 at 09:20bakaakiIrisu Makinaadd traits
c577.252014-11-15 at 21:39traumatizerIrisu Makinalittle adds
c577.242014-11-13 at 14:10traumatizerIrisu Makinalittle adds
c577.232014-11-07 at 22:08traumatizerIrisu Makinalittle adds
c577.222014-11-05 at 00:54ferustachiIrisu MakinaSmall update.