Hair, Black, Long, Ringlet, Sidehair
Eyes, Tareme, Violet
Body, Short
Clothes, Gloves, Mini-dress, Mini Hat, Puffy Sleeves
Items, Book
Personality, Pretending
Role, Premier, Researcher, Secret Identity, Sorcerer / Sorceress
Engages in, Revenge
Engages in (Sexual), Cowgirl
Visual novelsSide character - Ritaania no Seirei Tsukai -Meikyuu o Yuku Mono-
Voiced byNaruse Mia


Queen Sylvia's confidante. Her youth belies her status as one of Ritaania's most important administrators.

Despite an introverted personality, she is a scholar well versed in history, politics, magic and many other fields and is thus highly rated by Sylvia for her abilities.

Resolving the troubles caused by the extroverted and impetuous Sylvia is a daily chore for Sara.

<hidden by spoiler settings> Her real name is Cecilia Eve Ritaania (セシリア・イヴ・リターニア), the illegitimate of the previous king of Ritaania and his concubine. The Queen's jealousy led to her mother's death and forced Cecilia to flee her home. Eventually she was taken in by an old man who was the latest in a long line of demon masters. He offered to teach Sara all he knew as he acknowledged the darkness within her and was convinced that generations of demon summoning would be put to world-changing effect by Sara. After Sara completed her studies, she summoned the Demon Lord Belial whom the Spirit Master had defeated 500 years before and proceeded to commence her quest for revenge.