Edit history of Kazami Kazuki

c580.462019-11-02 at 10:34multiKazami KazukiAutomatic conversion of breast size trait to cup size field.
c580.452018-02-12 at 22:48canicheslayerKazami Kazuki+2
c580.442017-12-29 at 05:26alaevnokKazami KazukiShe is still 'dead' throughout the entirety Meikyuu. The only sections of Meikyuu in which she appears are flashbacks to Yuuji's childhood where it
c580.432017-12-28 at 21:38takayanagiKazami KazukiFor players that aren't clever at all, she is dead. It is a spoiler that she isn't, like the "fake death" tag.
c580.422017-12-05 at 03:53alaevnokKazami KazukiKazuki appearing in Meikyuu isn't a spoiler, especially considering Asako appearing in Meikyuu isn't tagged as one.
c580.412017-08-17 at 21:22galtosk1Kazami KazukiImg
c580.402016-06-15 at 07:30k-animeKazami KazukiAdded traits
c580.392016-02-21 at 19:01traumatizerKazami Kazukifix
c580.382015-12-12 at 15:33lmtuan98Kazami Kazukiremove vn
c580.372015-11-02 at 12:45traumatizerKazami Kazukifix'd that "intercrucal sex", also +2
c580.362015-08-15 at 17:14traumatizerKazami Kazuki+1
c580.352015-07-20 at 16:30traumatizerKazami Kazuki+2
c580.342015-04-27 at 15:59traumatizerKazami Kazukicouple traits
c580.332015-04-02 at 17:35traumatizerKazami Kazukifix'd (my dumb mistake)
c580.322015-04-02 at 17:34traumatizerKazami Kazukigrammar
c580.312015-01-26 at 11:20brunoaisKazami KazukiReverted to revision c580.29. No reason was given as to why she is a main character in the previous change.
c580.302015-01-25 at 02:20goldensneerKazami Kazuki~
c580.292015-01-21 at 07:07multiKazami KazukiRemoving deleted traits.
c580.282014-11-25 at 17:22brunoaisKazami KazukiYou may see Kazuki as eccentric but I don't think that is true. If you really think she's eccentric please justify. On the other hand, Yuuji is
c580.272014-11-23 at 11:34ferustachiKazami KazukiMinor update.
c580.262014-11-08 at 15:12brunoaisKazami KazukiThe bone fracture is spoilish because that is only known near the end of the story.
c580.252014-11-05 at 05:02ferustachiKazami KazukiSmall update.
c580.242014-10-25 at 10:03brunoaisKazami KazukiReverted to revision c580.22 That arm being a prank is non-canon. It is used as a joke for a side story that could have been made by anyone although
c580.232014-10-22 at 11:03moyangKazami KazukiThat arm is just a prank.
c580.222014-10-21 at 14:32traumatizerKazami Kazukilittle edit
c580.212014-10-21 at 10:55siegfried88Kazami Kazukiupdated traits
c580.202014-10-08 at 16:12traumatizerKazami Kazukili'l fix
c580.192014-10-08 at 16:10traumatizerKazami Kazukicouple traits added
c580.182014-10-07 at 23:29gojira1234Kazami KazukiFixed cup size
c580.172014-08-28 at 09:31brunoaisKazami KazukiNo matter how much I look at her, I see no reason to call her arrogant. "assumption of their superiority toward others". She is never at a level of
c580.162014-07-25 at 21:41brunoaisKazami KazukiThey are spoilers to give the idea that she had survived while in the VN all say that she was dead.
c580.152014-04-09 at 01:48takayanagiKazami KazukiIt's a surprise that this girl is ever seen at all in Kajitsu. They went a long way to hide her from videos, menus and so on. She only appears in
c580.142014-04-05 at 10:28moyangKazami Kazukiadded to v14973
c580.132014-02-09 at 19:10hoegaarden13Kazami Kazukiupdate
c580.122013-09-02 at 15:42yoxallKazami KazukiFixed trait.
c580.112013-05-26 at 05:44earthwormKazami Kazukitrait
c580.102013-03-22 at 14:37desiKazami KazukiAdded major spoiler tags...
c580.92013-01-13 at 06:55earthwormKazami Kazukitraits
c580.82012-12-06 at 17:22earthwormKazami Kazukitrait
c580.72012-09-02 at 17:03binfujiwaraKazami Kazukitraits
c580.62012-07-01 at 18:42darkmind35Kazami Kazukispoilers spoilers
c580.52012-04-01 at 09:33earthwormKazami KazukiTrait
c580.42012-03-03 at 10:18yasogamikaoruKazami Kazukiimage
c580.32011-06-03 at 23:57kalikai2188Kazami KazukiMinor fix.
c580.22011-06-01 at 12:34kalikai2188Kazami KazukiSide character. Fixed.
c580.12011-06-01 at 12:33kalikai2188Kazami KazukiCharacter added.