Edit history of Yuuki Yuzu

c5809.152017-07-25 at 19:55gaazYuuki YuzuTraits
c5809.142016-03-16 at 01:17weilaiYuuki Yuzu..
c5809.132015-01-21 at 07:07multiYuuki YuzuRemoving deleted traits.
c5809.122014-10-12 at 17:01darkenningYuuki YuzuAdding linked tag
c5809.112013-03-13 at 08:30overmageYuuki Yuzumy mistake.
c5809.102013-03-13 at 08:28overmageYuuki Yuzuflat
c5809.92012-11-11 at 18:00binfujiwaraYuuki YuzuRubber Band
c5809.82012-07-13 at 19:53barfboyYuuki Yuzubleh, i forgot the incest trait
c5809.72012-07-09 at 00:26barfboyYuuki Yuzunopan girl
c5809.62012-06-02 at 10:04barfboyYuuki Yuzumissed a couple
c5809.52012-06-01 at 20:56barfboyYuuki Yuzuone more!
c5809.42012-06-01 at 20:56barfboyYuuki Yuzuand sometimes she doesn't even wear panties at all
c5809.32012-06-01 at 20:54barfboyYuuki Yuzuadding traits, fixing english. since she's younger even than Tomoka she attends a different school, for obvious reasons this puts her in grade school
c5809.22012-05-28 at 05:11zerio08Yuuki YuzuBased on link
c5809.12012-05-28 at 05:10zerio08Yuuki YuzuBased on link