Gokaidou Shounosuke

五海棠 祥之輔

Gokaidou Shounosuke
Gokaidou Shounosuke五海棠 祥之輔 O
MeasurementsHeight: 174cm
Birthday10 August
Hair, Blond, Short
Eyes, Blue
Body, Pale, Young-adult
Personality, Closet Pervert, Ore, Refined, Tsundere
Role, Betrothed, Wealthy
Engages in (Sexual), Bathroom Sex, Bestiality, Bondage Sex, Cunnilingus, Double Penetration (Group Sex), Group Sex, Masturbation, Missionary, Nipple Sucking, Sitting Sex, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Blowjob, Doggy Style, Pegging, Sexual Fantasy
Visual novelsMain character - Kusunoki Yashiki no Monogatari ~Himitsu no Ochoumen~
Voiced bySawa Manaka


23 years old.
Position: The manager of his family's business, The protagonist's fiance
Hobby: Horse Riding, Reading
Special Skill: Language Learning (He knows more than 10)
Favorite Food: Chateau Briand, Black Tea
Disliked Food: Green Vegetables