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Chiyo Ayase

Chiyo Ayase
HairBob Cut, Brown, Shoulder-length, Straight
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
RoleNon-blood-related Daughter, Orphan
Subject ofAmputation
Visual novelsMain character - Wander No More
Voiced byTrina Deuhart


Chiyo was born in Hotsu village, and has lived her entire life cut off from the neighboring kingdoms on either side.

Although she could aptly be called a village girl, Chiyo is by no means naive. She has never had many friends, and trust does not come easily to her.

Thanks to her disability, there are many things Chiyo cannot do. Chiyo makes up for this by readily applying herself to anything she is able to do, going above and beyond what others expect of her.

Outside of her late family, Kouichirou is the one person in whom Chiyo places her trust, albeit hard-earned. She no longer blames Kouichirou for what happened to her village, and instead tries to think of the future.

[From in-game profile]