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c5934.232015-09-14 at 12:29bayonetHousen ElisMade trait more specific
c5934.222015-02-11 at 23:14ferustachiHousen ElisShe is half Japanese and half french
c5934.212015-02-11 at 18:41ferustachiHousen ElisMember of the school art club.
c5934.202015-02-10 at 05:37ferustachiHousen ElisKouhai to pretty much everyone minus tomoko.
c5934.192015-02-10 at 05:35ferustachiHousen ElisShe is also popular due to her appearance. With her parents dead by kindergarten and with her cousin being her legal guardian she is both an orphan
c5934.182015-02-10 at 05:31ferustachiHousen ElisHer route ends with a wedding and since it is her cousin it is incest.
c5934.172015-01-21 at 07:07multiHousen ElisRemoving deleted traits.
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