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Josette Jowsten


Josette Jowstenジョゼット・ジョーストン
AliasesJo, Josette Carodine, Reaching Flame
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm
ItemsGuitar, Handgun
PersonalityAmbitious, Curious, Friendly, Idealist, Sloppy, Talkative, Tomboy, Whimsical
RoleFarmer, Orphan
Engages inFighting, Planning, Riding
Subject ofChild Abandonment, Tone Deafness
Visual novelsProtagonist - Dead End Junction


Josette Carodine is her real name, but her nickname is Jo. She’s a cowboy born in Cow Stone Bell, the Desert’s Navel, a place she dreams of getting out of some day. Her mother passed away soon after she was born and her father has disappeared, leaving her to be raised by her foul-mouthed uncle...a trait which has unfortunately rubbed off on her.

She practices shooting daily, and so has a mean quick draw, but all her knowledge of being a gunslinger comes from dime novels. She can play the guitar, but is pretty tone-deaf. Has a bit of an accent

[from Mangagamer]