Inohara Maki

井ノ原 真紀

Inohara Maki
Inohara Maki井ノ原 真紀 A
AliasesSoul Speed, Bucks, Overkill, Makster
MeasurementsBust-Waist-Hips: 93-59-89cm
Birthday4 April
Hair, Black, Ponytail, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Thick Eyebrows
Eyes, Red
Body, E+ Cup, Pale, Tall, Young-adult
Clothes, Bandages, Band-aid, Catsuit, Gloves, Jeans, Kevlar Armor, Overall, Rags, Shirt, Tank Top, Watch
Items, Dual-Wield Weapon, Handgun, Motorcycle
Personality, Arrogant, Atashi, Cold-hearted, Competitive, Cruel, Food Lover, Ignorant, Loner, Loud, Mysterious, Stubborn
Role, Assassin, Biker, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Criminal Accomplice, High School Student, Infamous, Mafia, Non-blood-related Sister, Orphan, Transfer Student, Villain, Younger Sister
Engages in, Athletics, Attempted Homicide, Bondage, Driving, Duel, Fighting, Mass Murder, Theft, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Asphyxia, Being Drugged, Bone Fracture, Child Abandonment, Confinement, Fainting, Grief, Injury, Kidnapping, Nightmares, Psychological Trauma, Teasing, Wounding
Visual novelsSide character - Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 2
Side character - Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 3
Side character - Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 4
Side character - Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 5
Main character - Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 5.5
Side character - Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 6
Voiced byNanjou Yoshino


Cup size: F cup

AKA “Soul Speed”.
Maki is affiliated with a hostile Russian crime syndicate; it is likely that she is being employed by the organization as both a contract killer and bagman.

Maki is strong and well-built, making her handy in a fight. She wields four Glock 26s, and goes by many aliases. Though wary of others and very quick to anger, Maki’s actually remarkably naïve.

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