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c59883.82017-08-10 at 01:00gaazHoshino IrohaTraits
c59883.72017-05-17 at 20:31thewayfarerHoshino IrohaThe previous image came from the official website, much recommended than the watermarked version. Not to mention, the previous has no reason given
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c59883.52017-03-17 at 09:27thewayfarerHoshino IrohaThe first image I used came from the official website and that's recommended. Reverted to revision c59883.3
c59883.42017-03-17 at 08:11weilaiHoshino Irohadelete backgrond color very ugly
c59883.32017-03-17 at 08:07thewayfarerHoshino IrohaWhy? Wouldn't it be better without the watermark? Reverted to revision c59883.1
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