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c60138.92019-08-14 at 05:38animedubamericaNagumo KaoruYes, it is cross-dressing. But due to him being mistaken for a girl in this form, he is a trap.
c60138.82019-08-13 at 21:36kuririnNagumo Kaoru"trap" trait removed, it's cross-dressing.
c60138.72019-05-28 at 03:27animedubamericaNagumo KaoruThe description reads that we are meant to think of him as a girl in this form.
c60138.62019-05-22 at 04:02animedubamericaNagumo KaoruI'm pretty sure he is a trap in this form. Revert back if wrong, please.
c60138.52018-09-07 at 02:06kuririnNagumo KaoruAdded trait
c60138.42018-09-07 at 02:06kuririnNagumo KaoruAdded traits
c60138.32017-07-18 at 16:39nihal09Nagumo Kaoruadd descrpiton and new image
c60138.22017-03-22 at 23:34savagetigerNagumo Kaoru..
c60138.12017-03-22 at 23:32savagetigerNagumo Kaoruadd