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c60226.72018-11-17 at 17:06kuroneko459th ManAdded a few character traits.
c60226.62018-04-24 at 05:33lord-thantus9th ManRemoved spoiler (it didn't work :p )
c60226.52018-04-24 at 05:33lord-thantus9th Mantesting spoiler again...?
c60226.42018-04-24 at 05:32lord-thantus9th ManAdding an Alias (and also testing how spoilers work here)
c60226.32017-05-14 at 02:57riveldere9th ManUpdated character traits.
c60226.22017-05-14 at 02:53riveldere9th ManAdded hair and eye color traits.
c60226.12017-03-25 at 09:54beliar9th Manchar