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Goddess Parca


Goddess Parca女神パルカ
HairAnkle Length, Wavy, White
EyesTsurime, Violet
ClothesDress, Gloves, Mini Hat
PersonalityCruel, Mysterious, Pretending, Refined, Relaxed, Secretive, Sharp-tongued, Watakushi
Visual novelsMain character - Fatal Twelve
Voiced byNomura Kanako


An odd girl who claims to be a goddess.

She oversees Divine Selection, and only interacts with Rinka and the other participants within the strange dream world it takes place in. Unlike the participants, she can also move around freely in this space. She feels absolutely nothing over the events that take place during Divine Selection.

Her white dress and wool-like hair provide a fantastical air to her appearance, and while she may speak like a lady from the upper echelons of society, she has little issue saying some rather horrible things. Very little is known about her, including her preferences or even how she spends her time when not overseeing Divine Selection.

[From Sekai Project's site]