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Himenomiya Takeya

姫ノ宮 剛也

Himenomiya Takeya
Himenomiya Takeya姫ノ宮 剛也 
Hair, Brown
Eyes, Hidden
Clothes, Naked
Role, Full Brother, Older Brother
Engages in, Bondage
Subject of, Slavery
Engages in (Sexual)
Subject of (Sexual)
Visual novelsProtagonist - Onii-chan wa Watashi-tachi no Omocha


The older brother of Kana, Yuki, and Alice. He's been away for a year and missed his sisters very much. He loves his younger sisters but believes sex with them is wrong.

Chained up, stripped naked and forced to walk outside, drinking their pee, raped. He is nothing more than a toy for his little sisters to satisfy their desires. Because he loves them he is unable to fight back.