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Minazuki Sae

水無月 さえ

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Minazuki Sae水無月 さえ
Birthday21 February
HairBun, Grey
BodyOld, Wrinkles
ClothesDress, Gloves
PersonalitySerious, Stoic, Watakushi
Engages inCooking, Driving
Visual novelsSide character - Tsukikage no Simulacre
Voiced byNishino Kumi


A maid who has served the Kisaragi family for a long time.
A member of a branch family, she has a son who works outside of Kisaragi corporation. She adopted Kazuha after the accident, treating her as granddaughter. Sae started taking care of Rei and Seiichi since their birth, treating them as her own, but her loving nature is not usually shown.
Strict, yet loyal to the Kisaragi. She assists Kanesada in contacting branch families and other businesses involving commuting. A beauty to behold when she was young.