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AliasesOccult Prez (Chinami)
Assault Prez (Isuzu)
Occult Prez (Chinami)
Assault President (Isuzu)

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Asuka Mirai

飛鳥 未来

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Asuka Mirai飛鳥 未来
AliasesOccult Prez (Chinami), Assault President (Isuzu)
HairBrown, Short, Spiky
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesSchool Uniform, Shirt, Swim Shorts
PersonalityCompetitive, Friendly, Funny, Ore, Pervert, Protective
RoleClassmate, Friend, Full Brother, High School Student, Older Brother, Rival, School Extraordinary Club President, Unofficial School Club Member
Engages inInfiltration, Photography, Volleyball
Subject ofDomestic Violence, Teasing
Engages in (Sexual)Not Sexually Involved
Visual novelsSide character - Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-
Side character - Hoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart-
Voiced byHirai Tatsuya


A second year at Hibari High and You's classmate. He is the sole member of the Occult Circle until he effortlessly succeeds in recruiting Chinami. He often gets into disagreements with Asuho. He has a tendency to take pictures of Kosame flirting with Komomo and then brags about it to You, who usually responds with "Don't make it sound as if I'm the ringleader!". Every time he does this, Komomo overhears and crushes his camera under her foot, which results in him screaming "Partnerrrrrrrrr-!!!!" and then growing miserable. This happens three times: twice at the beach trip and then in the classroom in Komomo's route.