Louis Quitowack


Louis Quitowack
Louis Quitowackルイス・キートワック 
MeasurementsHeight: 188cm, Weight: 102kg
Hair, Mohawk, Pink
Eyes, Slit Pupils
Body, Adult, Facial Piercing, Muscular, Olive, Tall, Ugly
Clothes, Choker, Earrings, Ring
Items, Dual-Wield Weapon, Sword
Personality, Friendly, Loud, Violent
Role, Mercenary
Engages in, Fighting
Engages in (Sexual), Not Sexually Involved
Visual novelsSide character - Kichikuou Rance


Age: 37
Level/Level Cap: 25/39
Skill Level(s): Sword Combat LV1

A rowdy mercenary who is willing to work for anyone and perform any job so long as the pay is good enough. He is currently under the employ of Pluepet. While crass and uncouth, his skills are unquestionable.

While Rance is generally dismissive of Louis due to his being an ugly man, Louis actually appreciates the new king's frank treatment of him. As most of his contractors are afraid of him, Louis is unable to speak with them as casually as he is with Rance.